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Chartered in 1983, TTE was founded on Christian principles with an emphasis on safety and customer service. Since then, we have maintained a standard of excellence in all things. TTE is one of the fastest growing specialized common carriers. This growth during the last 30 years is due to a committed team of professionals dedicated to serving our customers in the safest, most conscientious and cost effective manner possible. We believe this commitment to excellence best serves our customers and employees by ensuring our continued growth.

30 Years

Our Commitment to Safety.

Today, we maintain our commitment to providing high-quality customer care through our focus on safety. It is through this commitment that we have developed an internal culture focused on continually raising our standard of safety. From only hiring driving professionals who exceed the minimum national driver requirements to training each driver to always practice the Core 4, this culture is the driving force behind our 30+ year commitment to exceeding safety standards. As a way of affirming this, we’ve developed a seal that marks our long standing tradition of fueling higher standards.


Professional Associations.